Organized and Unorganized Retail Format, Stock Carrying Unit, Grey Market, Patronage Behaviour, Grocery Retailing


Psychology of consumer seeks to explain human or consumer behaviour, in two basic ways: what the consumer wants? and what the consumer needs? Consumer behaviour involves the use and disposal of products/services. For every sector, the usage of products/services is often of great interest to the marketer, because this may influence how a product is best positioned or how we can encourage increased consumption. This paper provides detail information about the consumers' preferences for organized and unorganized retail formats of Indian retail industry. In India, retailing is one of the pillars of the economy and accounts for 13% of GDP. In this paper, an attempt made to investigate the preferences along with perception of functional benefits offered by the two formats of retailing along with demographic and personal factors. This study resulted in useful insights about better prediction of consumers' behaviour. Consumers’ purchase from more than one outlet despite some preferred store or store format. This indicates that consumers' perception of outlets and preference do not result in patronizing of retail outlets. The paper also argues that situational factors should be considered for better predictability of consumers' buying behaviour

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