Actual Shopping, Music and Customer Satisfaction, Fragrance and Customer Satisfaction, Playing Area/Activity, Customer Service etc


Brand Building in general is one of the issues concerning Strategic Brand management. Retailer issues in Branding are a branch out of this. The purpose of this paper is to identify certain measures for building Retail brand especially in the organized sector, with objectives such as to identify which activity the customers most prefer in any Retail Outlet, to identify the customers level of satisfaction towards a Retail outlet through a survey, to establish the relationship between satisfaction level and existence of Play area in an organized Retail outlet and to suggest some ways and means such application of Music and fragrance in an organized retail outlet as brand building measure. This paper also discusses on specific literature study on the Retail Brand building measures. In order to study the feasibility of existence of certain parameters, an exploratory pilot study was conducted and a quantitative analysis using Chi-Square testing was also done by defining suitable Research question and Hypothesis. The results were compiled in the findings. Based on the secondary research, some specific suggestion as propounded by some eminent academicians, were also brought out in the findings. A few recommendations based on the primary research findings have also been provided

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