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The potential of the Polish research and development (R&D) sector is substantial, mainly due to highly-developed specialist personnel. It is expected than in several years there will be an increased interest in opening R&D centres, similar to the ones which happened in the BPO sector. It is hard not to mention the necessity for commercialising research results and the cooperation of the entire sector with entrepreneurs. The largest companies in the world have already started opening R&D centres in Poland, benefitting from the first mover advantage, taking advantage of the availability of the best personnel and cooperating with existing R&D units. The capabilities of the Polish market are proven by the potential of its human resources – the current number of students is 1.9 million people, over 420 thousand graduates a year, and already 120 thousand people working in the R&D sector. This potential is confirmed by the successes achieved by Polish students in different competition events. 717 enterprise and innovation centres have been identified in Poland, including 318 training, consulting and information centres. Research and development activity is becoming increasingly financed by the private sector. Interest among global actors is also growing. At present, the relatively low number of research results confirmed by patents is still a problem for Polish science; however, the specification of clear goals and cooperation with entrepreneurs can change that. In the last few

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