Colors, Perception, Consumer decision making, Departmental stores, Mumbai


Color plays a significant role in triggering emotions in people. The current research studied the role of perception of colors in consumer decision making process. The study focuses on how the departmental stores by using different colors/color combinations in logo, the brand name, the tagline, and the slogan reach to their audiences. How are these colors interpreted by audiences and do they have a positive or negative effect on decision making? How do consumers perceive these messages and eventually decide to make purchases into a particular departmental store. Data collected from fifty respondents through an administered survey by unstructured questionnaire method is analysed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The sampling technique used is convenient sampling. The data collected is mostly primary in nature. Major conclusions of the study were that colors do play an important role in triggering emotions of the consumers. Consumers relate certain colors to socio economic class and accordingly decide to choose their shopping place. They were also able to recall departmental store names on the basis of color/color combinations. However few respondents agreed that color does not play any important role in their decision making; it is in fact the appearance, music played in the store, services offered by the store that help in decision making.

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