Globalization; Employment; Islamic Countries; Panel


The main aim of this paper is studying of globalization effects on job level. The data set used cover 10 countries over the period 1980-2009. Before proceeding to estimate panel data, we carry out unit root tests to examine whether the variables are stationary. Empirical studies show that the globalization has both increased and decreased the employment. Decrease or increase of employment and its relationship with globalization is studies in this paper. In the present study, using the method of estimating the function of labor demand and the dynamic theory of labor market through four main criteria of globalization namely trade liberalization, employment, FDI, financial market effect (Islamic banking) and the theoretical foundations of the relationship between globalization and market of labor has been studied. The employment with respect to the gross domestic product, the degree of economy openness and Islamic banking is positive but the employment with respect to the government size is negative. The foreign direct investment has had a slight positive effect on the employment growth.

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