Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Retail Banking


This study seeks to examine the quality of service delivery of retail banks in Ghana using the five SERVQUAL dimensions by Parasuraman et al 1990. It also ascertains the perception of quality service held by customers of these banks and their opinion of the level of quality of service they receive from their banks using the SERVQUAL instrument. The study focuses on service quality but also looks at customer satisfaction at the same time using the same dimensions of the SERVQUAL model. An exploratory approach and a random sampling method are used to select 200 customers of four banks in Ghana. The results indicate that service quality in the retail banks used for this study is altogether good. Among the five dimensions tested, Reliability scored the lowest for ‘Perception’ and ‘Tangibles’, the highest. Also, on the average, around 60 % of customers are satisfied with the quality of service they receive from their banks and around 36% are very satisfied.

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