Internal marketing, Financial services, Customer service.


Internal marketing has been present as a concept in business literature for many decades, yet there appears to be no clear definition as to its actual purpose, its benefits, or who should implement such an initiative, if at all. The objective of this research was to take an exploratory investigation into internal marketing from the perspective of the employee, in order to ascertain their interpretation of internal marketing and its perceived level of importance within an organisation. Through the process of interviews and a focus group, the thoughts and beliefs of employees were extracted and analysed in relation to current literature. Interestingly, the apparent confusion as to an actual definition of internal marketing was present throughout the research, as was the failure to find agreement on who should implement such an initiative. The research also highlighted the different benefits that employees believed internal marketing could produce, from shared knowledge and commitment, to actual product sales. However, internal marketing was unanimously seen as important and the input of senior management critical to its success.

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