Uncertainty Avoidance, culture, management


Uncertainty is one of the key points of international affairs and it plays a critical role in business decisions (Hofstede, 2001). This study is part of the project named “Managerial Behaviour in Romanian Organizations”, which is a wide explanatory research made by The Romanian Scientific Society of Management. We took into consideration various domains of economic activity and organizations from all over the country. The main objective of our paper is to analyze Uncertainty Avoidance (UA) as national cultural dimension. We tested UA in Romanian organizations. The research covers the period 2008 –2012. The cultural dimension under this research emphasizes the preference for strict laws and regulations over ambiguity and risk. This hypothesis was validated in this study. The results, corroborated with others, will be used for international comparison, so as to elaborate the Romanian pattern of organizational culture and managerial behavior.

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