Return on Sales, Management Control Systems, Management Controls, Manufacturing Companies.


Management Control Systems are important tools supporting organization, organizational learning and innovation, as the premise of management control is to ensure the attainment of organizational objectives. The Sri Lankan manufacturing sector is the largest contributor to the industry sector, which in turn is the second largest contributor to the country’s GDP, has continuously shown improved financial results. This study focuses on the impact of Management Control Systems on the Return on Sales of manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. A structured questionnaire was developed and forwarded to a sample population of 83 public quoted manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. 85.5% or 71 of the companies responded to the questionnaire. Structured interviews were subsequently conducted with selected personnel in these 71 organizations to ensure proper completion of the questionnaire and to authenticate the information provided. Based on the analysis of data it was found that there is a statistically significant relationship between Management Control Systems and Return on Sales of manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka.

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