Social Capital (SC), Structural Dimension (SD), Relational Dimension (RD), Cognitive Dimension (CD), Absorptive Capacity (AC), Organizational Innovation (OI)


This study aims to investigate the influences of social capital on three dimensions: the structural dimension, the relational dimension and the cognitive dimension in relation to absorptive capacity and organizational innovation. The data were collected by using a questionnaire from 119 leather product exporting firms. The results indicate that both the relational and cognitive dimensions have a significant positive impact on absorptive capacity. Absorptive capacity has a significant positive impact on organizational innovation. This study might be useful to scholars and those who share an interest in the subject. The current study can also be used as a guideline for future research projects. Potential discussion with the research results is effectively implemented in the study. Theoretical and managerial contributions are explicitly provided along with the directions for future research.

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