Brand equity, marketing communication tools, Egyptian banking sector


The purpose of this study is to identify the major marketing communication tools that are beneficial on building bank brand equity through customer-based brand equity dimensions (CBBE) (brand awareness, brand perceived quality, brand associations, brand loyalty and brand trust) fromcustomers’ perspective in the Egyptian context.This studyused qualitative approach, which consists of semi-structured interviews.Fifteen interviews were conducted until the saturation level.Data collected were analysed by using themed analysis.The findings of this study showed that in the Egyptian banking sector, the major bank marketing communication tools consist of advertising, personal selling and direct marketing. The most important tool was personal selling; the next tool was direct marketing; and, finally, the advertising on building bank brand equity through CBBE dimensions. This study contributes on the theoretical level in the following ways: by adding to the field of branding particularly in the service brand equity in the Egyptian banking sector; by identifying the major bank marketing communication tools that help build bank brand equity through CBBE dimensions; and by developing a proposed conceptual framework that links between major marketing communication tools, CBBE dimensions and overall brand equity.It also provides directions to the service provider and particularly the bank managers on building, improving and maintaining bank brand equity to achieve a sustainable competitive

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