Country personality, Brand personality, Marketing, South Korea, Thailand


Brand personality applies human personality traits to describe a brand. While brand personality has attracted interests from marketing researchers for decades, the application of brand personality to describe a country as a person is still in its infancy. To fill in this void, the present study employs a qualitative research to gain insights in this topic and explore the possibility that new country personality dimensions and/or traits will emerge. Data collected from Thai consumers reveal six dimensions of Korea’s country personality including Development (e.g., advanced, developed, highly educated), Agreeableness (e.g., friendly, sincere, sympathetic), Good Appearance (e.g., cute, beautiful, surgical, handsome), Trendiness (e.g., entertaining, fashionable, touristic),Conservatism(e.g., religious, orderly, patriotic), and Negativity(selfish, impolite, chaotic).Several research implications are discussed and avenues for future research are offered.

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