Strategic Innovation Capability (SIC), New Product Establishment (NPE), Business Operational Excellence (BOE), Stakeholder Involvement Exaltation (SIE), Firm Sustainability (FSU).


Innovation capability has been recognized as one of the key capabilities which influence organizational success and survival. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship among strategic innovation capability’s dimensions, its antecedents and consequences. The results were derived from a survey of 126 auto parts businesses in Thailand. The regression analyses suggested that strategic innovation capability dimensions consist of new idea enhancement, proactive activity support, market-driving encouragement, risk-taking circumstance acceptance, and dynamic adaptation commitment which have an important positive effect on firm sustainability. Likewise, the finding has shed light on the mediating role of stakeholder involvement exaltation. Moreover, the antecedents show positive influences on the strategic innovation capability dimension. Finally, theoretical and managerial contributions, conclusion, and suggestions for future research are also interesting to be discussed.

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