Ready to Eat (RTE), Ready to Cook (RTC), Consumer Behavior


In this article a statistical approach is used to measure the relative importance of consumer motives of buying RTE foods. All items scored between one and five can be computed by averaging (un-weighted) item ratings per scale. Mean ratings of each motivation provides a clear picture that some determinants are rated highly by respondents, while others low. For consumers taste is the primary motivation to buy RTE foods. Though the first priority is sensory appeal, convenience has been given relatively more importance. Also, consumers are ready to spend more if the food is available at a convenient place and if it tastes, smells and tastes good. From the study it was found that the motives of purchasing RTE foods are sensory appeal, convenience, mood and price. Apart from this brand also plays a significant role in determining consumer behavior, the more the visibility of the brand more is the buying tendency for that particular brand.

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