Online review, review content, buying behaviour


The 21st century customer is passionate about gaining knowledge. The availability and affordability of internet has created an edge for people to connect to a social network and exchange information. It has encouraged different online activities for consumers such as blogging, chatting, gaming, and messaging. The virtual space has helped this range of people involve to share posts or online reviews more quickly. Hence it is today believed online social networks are good platform for consumers to gather information and advice. All that a consumer shares as an opinion value add to the company’s reputation. Reputation is viewed as an asset. This value can be damaged when a consumer share negative reviews. It reduces the brand image of a company that promises to deliver high-quality products.

The present study tries to fill the gap in the literature relating online product or service reviews in influencing the consumer buying behaviour. The objective of the study is to understand the parameters of review content on which consumer check online reviews before buying a product or service. To achieve the research objectives of the present study, a descriptive research design is used with primary data collection methodology through a structured questionnaire. The sample size for the study is 104. The analysis was conducted through mean, one sample t-test and correlations. The study identified that consumers view online reviews such as understanding quality of the product, product usage information, cost benefit of the product, information relevant to deals or discounts, and product information on warranty or guarantee or replacement details, Brand reputation among reviewers, Sales service availability for deciding to buy. It was observed that parameters of online review content influence the consumer’s decision to buy.

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