Customer e-Satisfaction, Online Retailing, Online Customer, Online Retailer, Utilitarian Value, Hedonic Value.


        The Online retailing as a worldwide medium which is rapidly acquiring emphasis as the most advanced purchasing concept.  Online purchasing for various consumers is being recognized as an innovative shopping mode compared to other modes of shopping. Understanding the influence of various service quality attributes on customer e-Satisfaction is very important for online vendors to bring-in suitable service strategies.  If the vendors doing business in the online environment can analyze the factors influencing customer e-Satisfaction in online retailing and the relationship between these factors, then they can formulate influential strategies to retain existing customers for a longer period. This study is conducted to identify the association between the influential attributes and customer e-Satisfaction in the online retailing environment.  The association between the service quality outcome and the perceived value attributes is analyzed in order to understand their influence on customer e-Satisfaction. The outcome of this study suggests that efficient implementation of web atmosphere by giving importance to both hedonic and utilitarian value can influence customer e-Satisfaction very proficiently in online retailing context.

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