Organized Retail Sector, Organizational Culture, Autonomy, Trust, Pro-Action, Job Satisfaction


        Organizational culture has been characterized as the “glue that holds organizations together”. Culture can support linkages between technology adoption and organizational growth; it can be a critical success factor in organization growth strategy and play a crucial role in determining the success or failure of organization. The term ‘job satisfaction’ is quite frequently used for individual attitudes towards the specific aspects of total work situation.  The purpose of the study was to examine the level of Job Satisfaction and Organization Culture in organized retail sector. To examine the relationship between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction and to offer suitable suggestions to stake holders for improving the Job Satisfaction and make better Organizational Culture in retail sector. The present study was conducted on 436 employees of organized retail sectors randomly drawn using questionnaire method.  The results obtained indicates that the employees were experiencing moderate level of OCTAPACE culture and also moderate level of job satisfaction and dominant culture components includes Openness and Risk taking, Confrontation, Pro-action, Collaboration and Experimentation. It was further explored and found that there is significant positive correlation exists between organizational culture and job satisfaction.

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