Store choice Behaviour, Demographics, Psychographics, Supermarkets, Food & Grocery Retailing, India


The Indian food and grocery retail sector has been evolving from traditional to a modern, organized retail marke and the macro environmental factors have significantly affected this process. Store choice behaviour in Indian grocery retailing has now become a complex issue for both retailers and shoppers. Shopper’s attributes such as socio-economic, demographic, geographic and psychographic dynamics have influenced the choice of retail format and store in grocery retailing. The purpose of the paper is twofold: 1) to make a detailed study on the association and predictability of shopper’s demographic and geographic attributes with supermarket store choice behaviour and 2) to examine the effect of shopper’s demographic, geographic and psychographic attributes on segmenting the food and grocery retail consumers towards supermarket stores. The study is purely based on primary data collected from 1040 retail customers from sixty five supermarkets through mall intercept survey method using structured and non-disguised questionnaire in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in Andhrapradesh in India. Both descriptive and inferential statistical tools have been used to test the statistical significance. The findings revealed that shopper’s age, monthly household income, family size, distance travelled to store, gender, education, occupation, lifestyle factors and shopping motives have been the significant predictors of supermarket store choice behaviour. The findings also

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