consumer, purchase, outcome regret, process regret, personality, neuroticism


Consumers will evaluate the products they have purchased, whether the product meets their need. The discrepancy between what they want and what they have purchased may lead consumers in purchase regret. Personality plays an important role in determining of consumer purchase regret. The aims of this study are to investigate personality influences toward consumer post purchase regret. This study was quantitative and involved 207 undergraduate students at state University in Medan, Indonesia. The statistical analysis showed that Big Five personality traits; extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience were related to post purchase regret, even outcome regret or process regret. The result confirms that anticipated regret is proved to lead to increased levels of effort, when consumer executes his/her behavioural intentions. Behavioural intentions are more likely to motivate and energize the target behaviour when they embodied with anticipated regret. These findings indicate that it is important for managers to focus on the antecedents of regret and to mitigate its consequences.

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