Financial accessibility constraints, government regulations, organisational performance, SMEs, manufacturing, Jordan.


This paper seeks to investigate the impact of financial accessibility constraints and government regulations on organisational performance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). On the basis of a literature review covering works specialising in financial accessibility constraints, government regulations and organisational performance, a quantitative study was carried out in Jordan using a sample composed by 291 Jordanian SMEs. Information was gathered by applying surveys addressed to the heads of accounting departments / financial managers in SMEs. The data collected using the questionnaire shows 159 usable questionnaires were received, which gives 54.6% response rate. The findings reveal that financial accessibility constraints negatively influence organisational performance, while government regulations are not significantly linked with organisational performance. In order to reduce the negative impact of financial accessibility constraints on SMEs performance, the government of Jordan and financial institutions should facilitate access to finance for SMEs as a critical factor influencing their performance. Further, the government of Jordan must legislate new regulations to improve performance and continue removing unnecessary burdens that may effect SMEs. Through study outcomes, the interested bodies including the government of Jordan, financial institutions, to name a few, could be assisted in formulating the policies associated with SMEs that are evidence-based. Aside from adding important knowledge to the body of the organisational performance of SMEs, this study can be a starting point for further investigation and analysis of organisational performance among SMEs.

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