Vegetables market and its infrastructure, imitation model, scenario forecast, production and consumption of vegetable production in Russia.


The article is devoted to studying the alternatives of development of the Russian vegetables market from the point of view of change of the level and structure of production and consumption of vegetables. The main objectives of the research are to collect and analyze data of the Russian market of vegetable production, modeling and scenario forecasting vegetables market, a substantiation of directions of development of the market under study. The methodological basis of the research is developing the combined economic & mathematical imitation model that is based on creation of the differential equations system. As any qualitative and quantitative changes of market factors lead to shifts in consumer behavior and the structure of consumed products, the scenario variants of development of the situation at the Russian vegetables market was analyzed depending on foreign trade limitations, level of development of infrastructure, and pricing factors of the market. As a result of the research, the volume of consumption of various types of vegetables is predicted for the variants of the forecasts, as well as consequences of the change of the situation for the Russian vegetable sphere on the whole.

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