Situational Factor, Store Atmosphere, Sales Promotion, Hedonic Shopping Motivation, Impulsive Buying, Supermarket


The purpose of this study was to determine and analyse 1) the effect of the situational factor, store atmosphere, and sales promotion on hedonic shopping motivation and 2) the impact of situational factor, store atmosphere, sales promotion, and hedonic shopping motivation on supermarket consumer impulsive buying in Manado City, partial or simultaneously. The method used in this research is the descriptive survey and explanatory survey method, with 250 consumers who shop in several supermarkets as the sample with convenience sampling technique; primary data were collected using questionnaire with Likert scale and SEM (structural equation modeling) analyse technique using Lisrel 8.80 program.

The result shows that situational factor did not significantly affect the hedonic shopping motivation while store atmosphere and sales promotion are positively related to it. Meanwhile, situational factor and sales promotion are significantly related to impulsive buying. In contrast, store atmosphere shows the opposite way to impulsive buying. Further, impulsive buying is also predicted by hedonic shopping motivation. 

The increasing of customers' impulsive buying behaviour occurs concerning with shopping for social purposes and sales promotion. The first approach is obtained from marketing strategy and customer service strategy while the second approach is achieved through information strategy, communication, and frequency of sample providing program

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