e-commerce; gist helpfulness; online review; online recommendations; purchase behaviors


          The online-purchase trends suggest that consumers’ online reviews have become very important for customers and the sellers in purchase decisions and product sales respectively. Although the significance of online reviews has been examined, there are research gaps in studies on how to make title of online reviews helpful. The paper explores the traits that influence the formation of title of online reviews. 
           The study proposes gist helpfulness for the title of online reviews adopting elements such as online recommendation, online reviewer, and online review timeline, online review indicator. Our analysis of data from survey of 528 customers shows that daily use of internet positively influences gist helpfulness. The analysis was conducted through binary logistic regression. It is found that review depth and online reading experience have significance over gist helpfulness. The approach in this study is empirical where it attempts to improvise selection of reading reviews based on titles. The scope of the study is as such that it can be adopted by online companies to upgrade the current online review system and enrich customer experience to maintain relationship with their users. Besides, this paper aims to develop a normative model considering important strategic issues to develop an insight related to consumer reviews.

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