Management, leadership, competencies, validity, measurement


          This paper explores a model to measure managerial and leadership competence of business school educated managers. It starts by reviewing the literature on general management and leadership, seeking to establish a broad theoretical framework to guide this study. After statistically ensuring that the respective theoretical measuring criteria selected do measure the specific management and leadership competency, the paper then presents a model to measure management and leadership competencies. The final model has a total of eleven management and leadership competencies. These are Personal Value System, Career Awareness, Ethical and External Influences, Leading Change, Cultural Sensitivity, Team Building, Strategic Leadership, Conflict Management, Communication Skills, Global Leadership Mindset and Emotional Intelligence. This paper goes on to statistically measure the management and leadership competencies while also determining if the demographic variables influence the management and leadership competencies in any way. Also, the paper seeks to determine if any significant correlations exist between management and leadership competencies.  The results of this study are of value to business school educated managers who aim to improve their managerial and leadership skills.  It is also of value to researchers and scholars who intend to explore this avenue of managerial and leadership competency models further.  

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