Animosity, Consumer Ethnocentrism, Purchase Intention, Foreign Products


          Animosity and Consumer Ethnocentrism is a concept of psychological-social which describes the negative attitude in evaluating foreign products. The aim of this study is to provide empirical facts of the expansion of the four-typology animosity as an antecedent of consumer ethnocentrism (CE). In addition, this study aims to test CE as a predictor of foreign products purchase intention in developing countries. namely Indonesia. This study uses survey method. The research sample are 225 respondents from Indonesia. The product categories are supplement foods from the United States. The results show that the national stable animosity. personal stable animosity and personal situational animosity are antecedent of CE. Meanwhile, national situational animosity is not proven to have an influence on CE. This study also proves that CE has a negative influence on foreign products purchase intention.

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