Shopping tourism, shopping motivation, shopping intension, information search, travel motive


Tourists love to shop, and not merely for souvenirs. Shopping is one of the most pervasive leisure activities engaged in by tourists and is recognized by scholars as a significant economic, psychological, and social pursuit by vacationers. However, most current research on tourism shopping has been largely confined to concept building which are dependent on qualitative methods such as Phenomenological observations. These concepts and intellectual speculations are largely untested in empirical settings. The empirical research has been sporadic and fragmented. As a result, there is a need for a theoretical framework that encompasses both cognitive as well as affective aspects for shopping away from home. This study reviews the application and trends of shopping tourism from the literature and contributes to research and theory on shopping tourism by developing a model which advances understanding of tourist shopping behaviour by synthesizing previous studies regarding shopping tourism and proposing a theoretical framework that encompasses attitudinal prospects for shopping tourism

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