Political Marketing; sales oriented party; market oriented party; Product oriented party; LDP


Political marketing research has now established itself as a spirited sub-discipline of main core marketing with scholars writing high quality articles and books. This article is a case study on LDP in Kenya, it’s main focus being to look at its marketing orientations, Attitude towards political concepts, to get the understanding of the party’s grasp of the marketing concept and to identify how the party markets itself whether by sales, market or product orientation. The study on LDP was carried out in March-April 2006. The findings in nutshell proves that political marketing as a concept is feasible and it already exists in Kenya but in a rudimentary form, not the book tailored approach as depicted in marketing models. Finally the recommendations are in two perspectives, the first phase appeal to the academia and second phase is purely recommendations to political marketing practitioners, in this case LDP party think tank

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