Grocery Retailing, internationalization, culture, shopping, consumer market and homogeneity


The last few years have witness unprecedented boarder crossing in the retail business especially in the retail trade with particular reference to grocery business since the establishment of single European market in 1992 (SEM). The rationale behind this research is to review the strategy being used by the grocery retailers who have managed to expand the scope of their operations beyond their national territories and still maintain their stand both at home and abroad despite the local competitions and perhaps in an, unhealthy and unfamiliar environment abroad. Based on this, the researcher adopts an interview and observation method of collecting data. Fifty respondents were interviewed and quantitatively analyzed from ten notable grocers in London. The findings deduced that, it is the quest for expansion on the part of the top management levels, good knowledge of the foreign cultures, homogeneity with viable or enabling environmental factors and suitable consumer market on both home and abroad that are the key success factor in the internationalization of grocery retailing

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