Perception, Loan, Home Loan, etc


Owning one’s own home is one of the defining elements of the Indian dream. But, only a few years ago, this part of the dream seemed to be fading away. After 50 years of continuous progress, homeownership has become achievable, and the Nation’s home-ownership rate has risen. Making homeownership more attainable has become the goal of banking and non Banking Financial Institutions. A prerequisite for consumers to make good decisions is to have all the relevant information about the decision at hand. Decisions are taken on the basis of the perception individual has. Addressing this issue, the purpose of this study is to investigate what perception consumers have when they search for information, particularly when looking for a home loan. The study has made an attempt to find out the underlying factors of perception of Home Loan borrowers. Also the study has compared the difference in the perception among different age and income groups. The insights gained from this analysis will guide individuals to more effective ways to help consumers choose a home loan, and, will also act as a guide for Home loan providers to know on what basis perception is formed

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