Affiliate marketing concept as a new paradigm of the 21st century has captured the imagination of businesses world over, Thousands of businesses world wide have devoted a great amount of resources to this new invention in order to sign up as many affiliates as possible, and those with successful affiliate marketing programs boast about the successes so far made. Since the emergence of internet marketing in the second half of the 1990’s, businesses have established hundreds –if not thousands of affiliate marketing websites that are continually feeding them with potential customers hour by hour, day by day. This concept has also given rise to a new brand of entrepreneur initiatives in form of business connections where referral websites have become extremely adept at attracting high quality commercial traffic with significant turnovers. While business has, and continues to boom in this case scenario, it appears to be greatly so in the developed western markets where as the developing world is yet to sense the light in this opportunity tunnel. How this business marketing concept is developed and adopted , and whether the developing south is yet to catch up and share its part of the cake is the issue this paper sets out to examine

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