International migration continues to play a crucial role in the world demographic change. It has affected the very fabric of the receiving societies and seen as fundamentally challenging to liberal states like United Kingdom’s (UK) labour structure. Women and minority ethnic groups are gaining grounds in the labour market. Diversity is a positive thing that brings ideas and useful information from one economy to another with its integration and eventual labour force restructuring. Various approaches have been employed to manage the resulting diversity of the labour force, but these have not been very effective. An emerging third approach which is combination of the existing two i.e. discrimination & fairness and access and legitimacy, fits into the ad-hoc nature of managing diversity. This is called connecting diversity to work perspective. This allows for various aspects of the two above mentioned approaches to be used when the need arises. British Airways manage diverse labour force effectively through the use of very aspects of the third approach and constant research about the staff and the markets it operates. Labour diversity will continue to part of the UK’s labour structure for years to come, and with increasing globalisation different cultures are been understood and gaining recognition. Hence diversity management will continue to receive much research attention in the quest for a better and alternative ways of dealing with issues that emanate from labour diver

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