Ghana housing issues, accommodation provision, housing gap, economic development


The housing situations in many parts of the world, particularly in the less-developed countries are so appalling. In this 21st century era of technological and socio-economic advancement many people live in very deplorable conditions with no water and sanitary infrastructure. This article looks at the ways through which people acquire housing or have tried to provide housing for themselves and their families, particularly how they finance them. The work further looks at the effectiveness of these means in the abatement of the global housing-shortage problem. The work also explores mortgage-financing ideas in a way that is interesting and valuable considering the growth of population and cities, bad housing and poor sanitary conditions which create dangers for the general welfare of mankind. This article justifies the issue of a housing gap between the developed and developing countries, justifies the importance of adequate housing, explores and identifies ways in which people are financing the acquisition of homes based on empirical observations, provides a critique on findings and makes important recommendations

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