Foreign direct investment, investment management, investment in Africa, global finance


Foreign direct investments (FDI) play a crucial role in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries’ development efforts in present integrated world economies. Yet most SSA countries have not been successful in attracting FDI. With the millennium development goals giving the impression of being increasingly difficult to attain, FDI to SSA countries have increased substantially to supplement domestic funds. Exploratory studies conducted by using the existing materials on FDI revealed that the flows to SSA countries is the lowest and unequally distributed both among the countries and within the various sector of the individual countries. The few countries that were able to attract was primarily due to abundant natural resource size of the market. SSA countries will continue to receive FDI from little to large sums and into diverse areas of their economies due varying interest of potential investors. The importance and distortion generated by FDI in the recipient countries are not automatic and varies from one country to another. Yet with proper management and policy planning, the full potential impact of FDI for accelerated development and growth in the recipient could be realised

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