Social entrepreneurship, agribusiness, developing countries, complexity science, leadership capabilities, transformation, agricultural innovation platforms


        The intricate nature of the African agricultural-food system and the related multi-sectoral value chains capability challenges means that efforts to transform the current landscape to achieve food security in developing countries cannot escape complexity. A burgeoning body of research that uses the innovation systems approach to drive agricultural development in developing countries is emerging. In this article, we argue that social agro-entrepreneurship has the potential to create the possibility space to make smallholder ventures sustainable.

        This can be achieved via collective approach to transformation provided within agricultural innovation platforms. The development of agribusiness capabilities is considered from the complexity science perspective. We draw an analogy from the theoretical framework provided by the Leadership Capabilities Model of Hazy (2006) to explain how strategic institutional entrepreneurship can co-evolve towards fit within innovation platforms by harnessing capabilities simultaneously across sectors and at different levels through adaptive governance. Cross-sector partnerships are important to leverage the transformation of the smallholder sector towards stable ventures.

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