Employee Engagement, Organizational Climate, Reward and Punishment, Risk-Taking Educational Staff


          Higher education is critical to economic success and long-term sustainability of Indonesia; a country in the South-East Asia region that is facing several challenges of economic growth and human capital capability, by employee engagement term. This study aims at determining the impact and the influence of the organizational climate on employee engagement. The study was from 50 educational staffs (staff, managers and school administrator) in the School of Business and Management.The employees are in the engaged state, whether they have deliver best performance, put out the best ideas, have a sincere commitment to the success of the organization and are willing to stay with the organization in the long term. The methodology used in this study is a mixed method, which to obtain more comprehensive objective analysis.The results show that organizational climate is one of the determining factors of employee engagement. Meanwhile, when it addresses partially from the eighth dimension that is in the organizational climate, there are the dimensions of rewards and punishments, risk-taking and identity of the organization that have a significant effect in creating employee engagement.

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