Market Orientation, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Learning Orientation, Microfinance Performance, Yemen


          The main objective of this study is to empirically examine the effect of Market Orientation (MO), Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) and Learning Orientation (LO) on Microfinance Institutions’ (MFIs) performance in the context of Yemen. It also examines the mediating effect of LO on the link between MO and EO in Yemeni MFIs’ performance. A survey questionnaire approach was employed in which 166 branch managers of MFIs across the country participated. A total of 125 usable questionnaires was obtained and used in the data analysis. The measurement model and structural model analyses were performed using partial least square structural equation modelling, Smart PLS 3.0. The results proved that both EO and LO, but not MO, have direct significant effects on MFIs’ performance. This study also found a mediating effect of LO on the link between both MO and LO with MFIs’ performance. These findings suggest that LO plays a significant role in MO, EO and MFIs’ performance. The results of the study are of great value for academicians, policy makers and practitioners.

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