Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction, Customer satisfaction, and Organizational performance


          A Retail store is now a prevalent concept in Bangladesh offering a wide range of necessity goods for household and daily living. Within the last one decade, superstores have developed positive perceptions among customer and this is the attractive business to many investors. As retail shop business is based on service sector, customer satisfaction and service delivery are keys to the success where having satisfied employees are essential. Hence, to achieve sustainable organizational development and higher organizational performance in this competitive market, the need of having a special emphasis on effective internal marketing practice is worth mentioning. Viewing employees as an internal customer is essential and vital in internal marketing that contributes to job satisfaction.
          This paper aims to analyze the relationship between internal marketing factors and employee job satisfaction in the retail sector of Bangladesh. The essential assumptions in the research are internal marketing components namely training and development, organizational support, pay and rewards, and retention policy influence job satisfaction. A multiple regression analysis was used as an efficacious method to test the effect of internal marketing practices on employee’s job satisfaction. The adjusted   is .751 which suggests that the four internal marketing elements explain close to 75.1 percent of the variance for the dimension of employee’s job satisfaction.
          The results of the multiple regression analysis elucidate that there is variation in the effect of internal marketing factors on job satisfaction. So, it can be deduced that the stronger the internal marketing practice; the better will be the level of employee satisfaction. Organization should treat employees as an internal customer and give them opportunities for developing themselves. The company should ensure that they have the promotion opportunity and frequent feedback along with ensuring a healthy working environment. A company should induce financial rewards by providing bonus, commissions etc. to increase the satisfaction level. Since internal marketing practices act as a precursor to higher organizational performance and job satisfaction, special attention has been given in this paper to focus the importance of internal marketing practices.

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