Marketing management strategy, Resources and activities, Cross-media, Automation, Commercial marketing.


Marketing management strategy is focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. Consumers claim to hate marketing - mostly, because they get too much unwanted marketing. In response, regulators develop medium-by-medium marketing suppression regulations. Unfortunately, these ad hoc solutions do little to satisfy consumers, and dynamic technologies and business practices quickly render them moot. Instead of continuing this cycle, there would be some benefit to developing a cross-media marketing regulatory scheme. However, any holistic solution must be predicated on a clear rationale for regulating marketing. Marketing departments are addressing these imperatives by instituting an Enterprise Marketing Management strategy that aligns marketing staff, marketing process and marketing automation with the goals of the company. This paper reviews the applicability of marketing management to teen driving safety. It draws on a wide range of information, including evaluation studies of specific programs as well as standards of practice within these two professions. The paper attempts to distinguish it from the practice of commercial marketing management, whose goal is profit.

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