Saudi Arabia, Tourism, Growth, Expansion, Middle East


Middle-East is the most undeveloped region in terms of tourist destinations in the world. Many economists believe that the situation is bound to change with Saudi Arabia taking the lead. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with tourism potential but it has remained unexploited. Recently the country has renewed efforts to market itself as a tourist destination. This study will look at the strengths and weaknesses that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia faces as it is now finding that it has a place in global tourism. Its much strength and the support of the monarchy in the endeavor over the last ten years make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a marvelous tourist destination for many reasons. While it faces cultural and infrastructural challenges, there is no question that Saudi is building a strong tourism base. This study will utilize qualitative research in order to highlight the strengths of the country for tourism and to demonstrate the areas where the Kingdom needs to put more effort into this endeavor. Conclusions and recommendations will be given at the end of the paper as a result of literature studies and the research conducted herein.

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