Consumer irrational purchase behavior, Howard-Sheth mode, Meta-analysis, Structure equation model.


The character of consumer purchase behavior choice is the market basis and decision basis of enterprise marketing activities. The purpose of this research is to explore how those irrational behavior generate, what factors have great significance on consumer irrational behavior and what kind of marketing methods enterprises can take to increase their revenue. So, a meta-analysis of resent ten years’ empirical study on consumer irrational purchase behavior was conducted and a consumer irrational purchase behavior model was proposed. Furthermore, we tested it by using structural equation modeling. Our study provide an insight into the factors of consumers irrational purchase behavior which hasn’t been researched systematically. The results indicated that the attitude and intention of consumer, the marketing promotion, the product signal release and the guidance of consumer emotion have an obvious significance on consumer irrational purchase behavior. Those conclusions have important meaning on guiding to popularize new products, improve customer loyalty of enterprise and lead a new view to understand consumers purchase behavior.

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