Green; Fast-Moving Consumer Goods; supply chain management; manufacturing industry; Nigeria


        Global competitiveness and the adoption of new business strategies have placed most manufacturing industries under pressure, and this has led organisations to adopt different strategies in their supply chain (SC) processes to enhance their competitiveness. Included in these are green manufacturing, business process re-engineering, and total quality management. The implementation and adoption of green supply chain management (GSCM) remains a problem in developing countries, including Nigeria’s Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturing industry. An exploratory study was therefore conducted on green SC initiatives within the FMCG manufacturing industry in Nigeria to establish how this has affected both its performance and competitive advantage. Primary data were collected from 41 selected respondents at a FMCG manufacturing industry based in Lagos, Nigeria using quantitative methodology through the distribution of a questionnaire. A significant number of respondents (32 of 41; 77.54 percent) agreed that the implementation and adoption of green SC initiatives would enhance organisational performance, and the proper integration of all processes used for GSCM, which practice can lead to enhanced competitive advantage. The results furthermore indicate that the success of GSCM in the FMCG manufacturing industry requires a collaborative approach which differs from those traditionally used for SCs.

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