Brand Loyalty, Brand Disloyalty, Omni- Channel Marketing, Brand Advocacy


        In a conventional wisdom, it was believed that in traditional consumer journey, consumer will engage in an extended consideration and evaluation before entering into the loyalty loop. But with the emergence of online and offline advocacy the modern consumers may skip various traditional phases and may directly enter into loyalty loop.  Being well informed and empowered modern-day consumer would wait hardly few seconds before he shifts loyalty to the rival brands. Hence, the retailers and marketers need to deal with well informed and empowered consumers who are disloyal to the core. Therefore, this paper proposes the adoption of Omni-channel marketing as a strategy to deal with disloyal customers. This study is both analytical and theoretical in nature and is based on the secondary data as well as extensive review of literature on the subject.

        The findings of the study recommend that the adoption of Omni-channel marketing will reduce the loyalty depressing factors and increases the loyalty supporting factors amongst the consumers by creating seamless experience throughout their consumer journey. Therefore, this paper proposes the adoption of Omni channel marketing to retailers, brands and marketers to deal with well informed, empowered and disloyal consumers and to convert them into loyal consumers.

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