Environmental commitment, Green innovation, Success of new product, Bali silver creative industry


        Business activities that have been happening are able to help the people's economy, but also considered quite alarming, because it is considered to be responsible for environmental damage. This situation needs to be saved by implementing environmentally friendly business. Environmentally friendly should emerge from within each individual entrepreneur. The purpose of this study is to explain the effect of environmental commitment on green innovation and product success that can affect Bali's silver creative industry. The study was conducted on small industrial silver in Gianyar regency as many as 469 business units. This study uses individual samples as a unit of analysis of 120 respondents. The analysis technique is SEM base Analisis of Moment Structures (AMOS). The research findings show that the commitment to the environment has a positive and significant impact on the green innovations applied so far. This finding means that the more entrepreneurs have a high commitment to safeguard the environment, the more innovative it will be in implementing green innovations. Environmental commitment has a positive and significant impact on the success of new products. The more committed to maintaining the environment for the entrepreneur, the more able to achieve the success of new products produced. Green innovations have a positive and significant impact on the success of new products. The more innovative the more successful the new product will be. The direct effect of environmental commitment to the ongoing success of new products has a greater value than the indirect influence. Without green innovation indicates that environmental commitment is able to influence the achievement of new product success.

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