ICU, Medical equipment, Outsourcing, maintenance service provider, performance model


Outsourcing is delegating partial or total business functions to other companies in conjunction with administrative and operational activities. One of the industries that implements outsourcing in its maintenance activity is the healthcare industry. An Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is part of a hospital which is very vital, so that it requires medical equipment with high availability and reliability. The aim of this research is to develop a performance model to use to assess the performance of medical equipment or the used maintenance outsourcing service providers. Developing the performance model involves 14 criteria. The 14 criteria were clustered by the Kano Model to obtain the importance of each criteria. . Kano was used to identify the criteria within the dimension of basic requirements and special requirements. DEMATEL was employed to identify the connection between criteria and ANP in order to provide the integrity of the criteria. The three criteria with the highest integrity rating were the technicians’ capability by the rate of integrity that reached 0.256881, the aptitude of providing diagnosis by the rate of integrity that reached 0.222181, and the flexibility by the rate of integrity that reached 0.175684. Two criteria which had a rate of integrity of 0 and were considered as therefore having the lowest integrity rate were the criteria of charges and dependability respectively.

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