Soft skills, communication, teamwork, individual innovation, self-management, critical thinking, problem -solving, organizational creativity.


The purpose of this study to investigate the relationship between soft skills and organizational creativity at the company Telecom Egypt in regions of Suez, South Sinai, and the Red Sea. To achieve research objectives, three basic hypotheses were formulated, and tested using primary data collected through the questionnaire, consisted of 251 questionnaires. Structural equation modelling and path analysis were performed to analyse the survey data and to test study hypotheses. The study found a strong positive relationship and significant effect of the soft skills dimensions of (communication, working in a team, individual innovation, self-management, critical thinking, problem-solving on organizational creativity, and the relative importance of the soft skills dimensions varies in their impact on organizational creativity, ranking as follow: critical thinking, self-management, problem -solving, communication, working in a team, individual innovation.

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