Innovative Marketing, Competitive Advantage, Renewable Energy, Jordan.


This study is aimed to identify the impact of innovative marketing on competitive advantage in the renewable energy sector in Jordan. This study uses descriptive, analytical, and heuristic research methods. The target population consists of all employees in the renewable energy companies in Jordan, which includes 212 companies and 957 employees. A random sampling method was applied for the data collection representing 296 employees. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and several statistical methods were used – particularly multiple linear regression. 

This study shows a statistically significant impact (α≤0.05) of innovative marketing on the competitive advantage of the renewable energy companies in Jordan. The result also indicates that the renewable energy companies in Jordan apply innovative marketing and competitive advantage at high levels.

Finally, this study recommends that these renewable energy companies in Jordan apply innovative marketing strategies, having innovation and creativity being one of the main focuses of these companies. These strategies of innovative marketing would be incredibly beneficial in the fields of production, pricing, distribution, and promotion. Furthermore, this study recommends that renewable energy companies in Jordan continue to develop these concepts. And do not stop at a specific degree of improvement as modern management concepts are continuously evolving and changing for the better. The failure to do so will lead to the companies' global competitive disadvantage while causing a localized ideological stagnation within the ever-changing field of marketing. 

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