Zirconium, baddeleyite, minerals, zircon, production, consumption


        The review describes the most commonly natural minerals and compounds, which contains zirconium and the structure of zirconium-containing materials consumption in the modern conditions. Substitutes of zirconium products in individual industries are identified. A brief analysis of Russian mineral resources base of zirconium shows the most promising fields and regions with considerable resource potential for the development of zirconium production. An analysis of the volume and structure of world reserves of zirconium identified the major importers and exporters. The analysis of trends in production and consumption of zirconium in Russia and in the world markets showed a high elasticity of zirconium products demand by the price. It is shown that Russia, despite the availability of resources, is dependent on the import of zirconium.

        The article presents the forecast of zirconium production and consumption in the world market, which shows the necessity of Russian zirconium industry development to enter international markets and meet the needs of the country.

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