Customer perceived value, customer advocacy, customer empowerment, organizational Innovation.


To maintain a competitive advantage, firms are increasingly regarding customer-perceived value as a vital factor in creating new service methods. Customer advocacy presents a cascade of stages, from the operating strategy and delivery system of the company to the customer's perception of service quality. After reviewing related literature, this research identified the antecedents of customer advocacy affecting the customers, and explored the effect of customer advocacy on customer perceived value, taking customer trust and satisfaction as the intervening construct. We formulated six hypotheses. Data were collected from 388 usable questionnaires, which had been completed by customers for Taiwanese telecommunication firms. The hypotheses were tested with respondent-sample data by using a structural equation model. The results indicated that customer advocacy directly and positively relates to customer trust and satisfaction, customer trust and satisfaction directly and positively relate to customer perceived value, and customer empowerment and organizational innovation directly and positively relate to customer advocacy.

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