Information Security, Technical Security, Techno-Stress, Job Satisfaction


Information security is an important activity which is vital for corporate or organizational activities. However, focusing only on the strengthening for the performance of information security may act as a factor increasing the techno-stress the members of the organization feel. This study inquired into the impacts of information security techno-stress on individual job satisfaction and empirically verified the relationship between information security techno-stress and individual job satisfaction, preceding factors and results, regarding how to use information security effectively. The results of the analysis, the strengthening of information security caused techno-stress, and the information security techno-stress had negative impacts on individual jot satisfaction. As security is inclined to technical countermeasures, security technology is further strengthened, and accordingly, the techno-stress of the members of the organization increases, while on the other hand, individual job efficiently decreases, which is judged that this will have negative impacts on the personal performance in the organization.

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