Retail store, Malls, Consumer behaviour


Purpose: The research presented here builds a picture of the changing face of retail taking place in India which is a country poised to become a retail power house. India has well over 12 million outlets of all styles and sizes and international retailing has great opportunity here. With 50% of the population in self-employment, many of them in the retail trade, the impact of this retail boom on small retailers has to be studied. Methodology/Approach: Delhi and Ahmedabad a class city was taken up for the study of the effect of malls on small retailers. Ahmedabad is the fastest growing business capital of Gujarat. We have chosen randomly selected samples of 215 small retailers which are referred to as unorganized with an area less than 500 sq. feet and family owned. Findings: The present study indicates that 85% of the retailers reported decline in sales however, in terms of percentage it is only 18% decline in total sales. The Average decline in Ahmedabad was 15% compared to Delhi which was 20%. Small retailers are well aware of their competitive position and adopt adequate strategy according. Store cleanliness is an important change observed during the retail survey. Many retailers have formed cooperative ventures for bulk purchase in Ahmedabad so that products can be purchased at more economical price without affecting the profit. Entry of Malls is good for economy and beneficial consumers. Research Limitations/Implications: The study took only one Metro city and a cl

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